Welcome to The Credit Society

Hey, Credit Friends Its Time To Take It Up A Notch!

About Credit With Kiara

I began to notice a trend with many of our clients, primarily women. Most of them were putting in the hard work to restore their finances; however, they couldn't catch a break. The trials and tribulations of life, womanhood, and motherhood ultimately impacted their finances.

I created Credit With Kiara, a done with you coaching community designed to better assist women with repairing and rebuilding their credit and taking charge of their finances at their own pace.

Credit With Kiara provides a plethora of guides, ebooks, templates, and products that women from all backgrounds can use to kickstart their financial journey. We've come too far to come this far. Welcome to the beginning of your new life.

About The Credit Society?

Our mission is to provide clear direction with detailed and accurate information to help our community achieve success in all areas of their finances. They can then take that knowledge and create other opportunities to increase their impact and net worth.

Why You Should Join The Credit Society?

To learn, share and be apart of an engaging, motivational and educational community. Joining the Credit Society gives you VIP access to Terry & Kiara Martin. You can be part of their inner circle and private network. When you become a Credit Friend, depending on the plan you choose, you will have access to over 40 courses centered around finance and building wealth. Not only will you have access to Terry & Kiara Martin you will also have access to guest speakers and private workshops.

To Get The Best Out Of This Experience You Must S.M.I.L.E!

S is for show up and show out. We provide a safe space for women to speak freely and openly about finances.
M is for Monetize to turn this knowledge into currency.
 I is for Implementation use this information to put a plan together for yourself.
L is for leverage. Credit is POWER. You can leverage your credit and change your entire life.
E is for Engage. We saved the best for last. You must participate, NOT just show up! You have to ask questions and be a part of the conversation. No need to be shy, SIS we all have the same or similar goals.

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